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Do you have product ideas that should be build ? Do you have too many projects and you would need extra help ?
Do you need a realiable partner to take care of the smaller but important projects or products ?
If yes - contact  email sales a duratech.eu .

Research & Development :
Our marketing oriented R&D can help you to realise your ideas. We can eg. deliver and install ready
products with documentation according to customer´s instructions.  We could also supply the marketing material and training kits plus supporting www-pages. We are able to offer all sizes of production series
with our partner network.





MS Visual Studio, C#, C/C++, Java, Asm, Windows, Linux, PC, embedded systems, Dos, mySQL, Postgress, Sql Server, GNU,Microcontrollers, Intel, Hitachi/ST Risc SH-H8S-H8, PIC, x86, 196, ST6, Arm, PADS, Lattice, Altera, VHDL/HDL, ispGAL, flash, algorithms, IVR, DSP, audio and video, compression ja cryptology, mpeg *,RF-design, antennas, PA-systems, telephone systems, smart cards, MIL-norms, marine electronics, Duratech has ready tested software components for embedded applications such as communication and interfaces and task switching for real time applications in our own DuraOS software software platform.

PCB-designing, Schematics, prototypes, telecommunication and computers, power supplies, analog and digital and RF-systems, GSM, GPS, isp  GALdesign, VHDL/HDL, CAN, USB,EMC, ETSI, EU-directive, WWW, WAP, ISDN, R2,analog, E&M, asynch, V.24, TCP/IP protocols, internet, CTR,Mentor PADS, Number One PCB

CAD/CAM/CAE, IntelliCad Asic 3 D, polymers, glues, moulds, visual design, human interfaces, documentation and manuals, patent processes, mechatronics, automation systems, pcl. Virtual prototype can aid in the R&D.

Xhtml,  Javascript, WAap, XML, xDSL,  VoIP, TCP/IP, UDP, VPN, WEB pages, manuals

accounting, CRM, project management, work group s/w etc.

We install and give training to  to use all our products. We also provice manuals and videos/ slide shows.