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Megavoice 2000 VA is a multipurpose voice announcer. It can be used to build up a call waiting system, to give continuous music on holdor message, to give triggered messages or to act as an answering machine with an ISDN- or analog telephone PABX-system. The basic unit has 2 lines and has 2 minutes of recording capacity. The system can have 9 different messages. The system has 4 different operation modes. The unit is controlled as easily as telephone answering machine. The system has remote control with codes from any DTMF telephone or handy. Megavoice can be expanded for example with +2, +4 or +6 min memory, +4 lines, V.24 port, display unit. The unit is easy to install and has good manuals with examples. Custom features available on request.

Example 1:Megavoice acts as a transfering machine.
The  four states of the Megavoice can be selected with a switch or with remote control; Day/night/ holiday/ programming. For example : During the day Megavoice answers incoming calls
" You called our telephone service. Please hold on. " The caller gets music which is interrupted with a message
" We will serve you as soon as possible. Please hold on ." After office hour Megavoice answers like a answering machine: " Our office hours are ... Please call again."
During the holiday there is a own special message and there is no need to remove other recordings: " Our office is closed between 23th and 27th of December ... ".
During programming state Megavoice guides " *1 message number # is erase, * 2 message number is recording,
* 3 message number # is play back ".
Megavoice connects to an analog extention line OR E&M-controlled  600 ohm line of the PABX. It can answer call immediately or with delay. Then it can give a announcements. Then the the call is cut or transferred with Flash+DTMF-codes to operator or extention or extention group. The caller hears music or waiting tone from the
telephone PABX during the waiting time.  

Example 2: Megavoice gives voice announcement and music to PABX. 
An analog extention line gets continous music and another line E&M-triggered message from 2nd Megavoice line. This voice source time slot is programmed inside the PABX as a voice source. First line can also give continous messages with additional CTI-card or with permanent programming without remote control capability.

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MANUALS can be downloaded from here :

[User's manual  in acrobat pdf-format 170k]
[Installation manual in acrobat pdf-format 770k]