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Megavoice 2000 PABX-PA -interface
Public Address (Speaker announcement) interface for telephone PABX. The annoucements can be placed from any telephone or from remote location.

The announcement can be done by calling an extention number of the PABX ( like 66 or *1 etc. ) and Megavoice answers this call. Caller gets beep tone and can start an announcement through out thespeakers. Caller hangs up and the Megavoice frees the connection. Announcements can be placed through PABX from GSM or external telephone if allowed by PABX. Megavoice detects the busy tone send by the PABX after call is cut to release the announcement. The connection is also timer limited to maximum 3.5 minutes. Busy tone detection is adjustable.
Megavoice 2000 PABX-PA has 2 separate input lines and  unbalanced outputs for the PA-system. Standard Megavoice 2000 PABX-PA has 2 lines. Each line can drive individual PA amplifier and speaker zone. One line can be connected to all amplifiers input to create announcement to all zonesif amplifiers have at least two inputs. Audio outputs have 1000 V isolation transformers and opto-couplers for 20mA control loop wires. Each line has a opto coupler inputs 5...12Vdc for starting prerecorded announcements like fire alarms or evacuation instructions.

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Megavoice 2000 PA-PABX -interface

Public Address (Speaker announcement) interface for telephone PABX. When the PA-system makes an announcement, Megavoice makes an announcement though the PABX system and gives the same announcement via speakers of the free feature telephones. Also alarms, like fire-alarms, can be placed this way through the telephones.

Megavoice 2000 PA-PABX gets relay information or control voltage from the PA-system ( "tangent signal"). The Megavoice takes a PABX analog extention, dials special announcement prefix ( like 66 or *1 ) and connects the PA-signal to PABX-extention till the announcement is ended. The announcement is heard through the free feature telephones. PA-PABX has 2 lines and therefore can divide the announcements to 2 different telephone groups.

Some features are related to the PA- and PABX-system. Examples above are normal installation cases. Features and pricing are subject to change without notice. All rights reserved.

Megavoice 2000 ATIS : Air Traffic Information System  
A client can call with a cellular or ordinary telephone to Megavoice, which answers the call. It then gives ATIS announcement from external source and hungs up after a predefined delay. Megavoice has two simuntaneus telehone lines to be connected to the analog telehone trunk or PBX extention. Eg. the announcement can be 30 s and the answering time 60s, which is remote programmable time. The ATIS line is eg. -10dBm 600 ohms analog line and the Megavoice adjusts it to the telephone network.

Megavoice 1000 CD -interface

A CD-player or radio can be connect to this adapter and it connects the audio to the PBX's  analog extention, where it can  be used as a continuous voice for PBX music on hold or other funtions.

Megavoice 1000 PBX-PA interface

This is a inexpensive interface which makes it possible to make PA announcements through out the PA speakers and amplifier using standard telephone. This connects to the analog trunk of the PBX and the PA-amplifier audio input and gives a normal open relay contact to switch the amplifier on line.