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kuva FlexmatClientfi

Flexmat is a modern infosystem for telephone operator and call centers. It supplies real time status of the users and useful back ground information to handle the incoming call more effectively. It fits to Alcal, Avaya andEADS/Matra pabx and others.


We sell many different models of doorphones and telephone PABX accesories.  

 GSM gateway

GSM/VOIP gateways 
provides a trunk connection from pabx to cellular network.  

Megavoice 2000

Megavoice 2000
is a multipurpose and programmable voice announcer device. There are different versions for special needs. It can give announcements to callers and tranfer the call to next place or hang up. Announcement audio can come from external source.

Atis-version answers calls of plane pilots and give real time weather forecasts and standars version gives high quality digital recorded messages on two lines. PA-version interconnects PA-systems with PABX.