Flexmat is a infocenter system for Alcatel OXE-PBX. In interconnects with many time attendance systems, cellular phones and other directory and database systems. Flexmat provides new intelligent services into existing PBX. The advanced operator system increases efficiency, makes service better and faster for calling customers. People can be reached faster and better and they can use their time more efficiently. Systems lowers the number of recalls, because an operator can indicate how and when a person can be reached and if there is anyone else in the team available or can help the caller.

Flexmat displays information and real time availability and optional return time of a person. With options a user can update availability status with his/her cellular phone or directly from time attendance systems. The real time status and database/ directory can be connected to external database and can input and export information. There are also optional links for other databases like Access, DBF, Excel. Operator can search person using directory information. The search field includes extention, first name, last name, status, cellular , TS id.Operator gets this presence and personal information when a call is transferred to operator after time out or when a person calls operator. Operator can see extention numer, name, status, return time, group number, group name, cellular number, assistant, notes, email etc. There is also an option for extra information fields per customer.There are multiple options in the product :
-Multi company feature, to filter only selected groups / extentions for certain operator.
-Second page information for extra information fields
-Gsm- link, to update presence information with gsm or cellular phone
-S60-program to update presence information
-Database links to external system.
-Database security options. Mirroring, clustering etc. Database size can be from 0 to billions.
-Secure data for database and data links. SSL, (TSL), VPN.
-Net interfaces to external systems.An operator has usually a wide screen display. The Flexmat information window is separate program from OXE-operator, but it interacts with the PBX automatically.

A picture of the Flexmat Client window.

A picture of the Flexmat Client finnish/multilangue version

A diagram of a typical Flexmat system.


Compatible Time Attendance systems : Flexim, Walpass, Esmikko (normal (5-7) and SinfoUnix(type16)), Hedsam, Team. More systems added later.
PXB : Alcatel OXE.
Software support : Ask Duratech for details. The product is supported and upgraded when new features are needed for new Windows systems and new features are required.

Mp4/ adobe flash prototype video of the Mobile Client (3,5M) is here(720×480) and here(1440×720). All rights reserved.
Mp4/ adobe flash prototype video of the Windows Client (10 M) is here(1440×720) .
It is best to download it and then play it. It should run on PC or  Apple if you have a Adobe Flash or DivX player. Also many blu-ray players, like LG,  can play these mp4 videos even from USB memory stick. All rights reserved.


Flexmat is build using Microsoft software development suite and follows Microsoft Windows operation system development and changes and standards. It has also links to Linux systems and to IP systems. Flexmat uses the best features of  the Windows and Linux development.

FlexmatDB Server updated the Flexmat DB with information coming from external Time Attendance systems and others.The hardware used is PC windows based server. Vista server is used nowadays. Flexmat Cliser (Client-Server) program runs also in the same server. It communicates with Flexmat Clients and external systems like PBX. Flexmat programs uses 2 USB ports for license modules.  Flexmat uses ports 5430-5440 and 1947.

An operator console is a PC and runs Flexmat Client program. PC can be Windows 7. Hardware is now minimum 2GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, Net 3.5->. Flexmat Client must be able to communicate with the server and cliser in the same ethernet.

The serial communication to old Time attendance systems is done with serial ethernet miniservers made by Moxa.  All communication uses IP and can be done in a wide area network.

Most TA systems has a PC and it has serial COM port which can be connected to Moxa server. Esmikko has a special hardware and the serial link comes from the 1st concentrator 1st link B-data channel.

Alcatel OXE outputs HFOC information through Alcatel AHC-link, which is a licensed by Alcatel. Its serial output is connected to MOXA as above.


An installation must be prepared. The following information must be found for each users :
Extention number, First name, Last name, Gsm-number, Title, Group number, Group name, Assistant, Notes, email. Usually these are entered into a Excel table and then transferred into Flexmat database. Usually the group numbering must be planned in advance, because operator can search teams, work groups, companies etc with this number or number values.

If the multi company feature is used Flexmat does the following: There will be prefix (A,B,C…) added to time attendance card number to separate different cards of the same id number.

The system runs on a IP network and the access must be allowed from point to point in the Flexmat system. System used ports 1947 and 5430-5440. The operator number of the PBX (00…98) must be known and its corresponding client computer IP. It will be recorded into Flexmat Cliser – program (client-server) to relay IP packets. If email is used, the email server must be available and open for access.

The data connections from external serial ports are installed with Moxa serial to IP miniservers. The serial data is in IP packets and the system can be distributed widely. There are many ways to maintain and upgrade the Flexmat system remotely.

Program version:
Latest Windows 7, Windows 8 & 10, Windows Server 2012 tested

Inquiries for new features can be send to our email directly. Please attach contact information for further details. Ideas will be considered for new R&D.

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